250 Complimentary RHFAC Ratings Available in 10 Municipalities Across Ontario

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Applications are open and the deadline is currently extended until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Rick Hansen Foundation, in collaboration with the Ontario government, are offering FREE RHFAC Assessments to qualified organizations. Details are as follow:

The Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification TM (RHFAC) is a tool which gives organizations a snapshot of their building’s accessibility to inform future accessibility improvements. Over 1,200 sites across Canada have been rated to-date including Ottawa International Airport, SAP, Canada Science and Technology Museum and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. One in five Canadians have a disability and as our population ages this continues to grow. Accessibility is more important than ever.

Thanks to support from the Government of Ontario’s Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility, 250 complimentary RHFAC ratings are available in 10 municipalities across Ontario. Successful applicants will recieve a free RHFAC rating and become RHF Accessibility Certified if they score above 60% on the Rating Survey.

Applications are open and the deadline extended until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please read the Eligibility and Participation Requirements before starting your application.

By promoting these initiatives in Ontario, it contributes to our culture of accessibility and inclusion, while showcasing and celebrating some of the buildings in our Municipalities, that are already universally accessible, with an RHFAC rating certification. It also provides employment to Toronto professionals; many of whom are people with disabilities with lived experience.

The demand for accessible places and spaces is growing fast as the “boomer” generation ages. I can relate to this as I now get around using an adjustable power wheelchair and my care needs and accessibility accommodations have increased significantly as I age.

Please share this opportunity for free assessments with your colleagues. I would love to meet with any interested parties to discuss this opportunity in greater detail.

Thanks to the support of the Government of Ontario’s Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility, 250 complimentary RHFAC ratings are available in 10 municipalities across Ontario.

If your site achieves a high enough rating to become RHF Accessibility Certified or Accessibility Certified Gold, celebrate your achievement by listing on the RHFAC Registry and displaying your recognition label. It’s time to showcase your commitment to accessibility.

Who Should Apply? 

Eligible Locations: 

We are accepting applications from the the following 10 municipalities in Ontario, selected for their population size and geographic diversity.

  • Brampton
  • Greater Sudbury
  • Hamilton
  • Kitchener
  • London
  • Markham
  • Mississauga
  • Ottawa
  • Toronto
  • Windsor

Eligible Types of Sites: 

Commercial and institutional buildings in the public (municipal sites), private and not-for profit sectors:

  • Commercial spaces include retail shops, offices, industrial sites
  • Institutional spaces include schools, community and recreation centres, libraries
  • Both pre-construction design plans and existing sites are eligible

Please read the full Eligibility Requirements before applying.

Ensuring your space is accessible means no potential employee, customer or community member is left at the door. Your complimentary RHFAC rating provides a snapshot of accessibility for people with varying disabilities affecting their mobility, vision and hearing. Together, we can create a Canada which is accessible for all.


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Be sure to recommend me, Rick Watters, as the RHFAC Assessor of choice and let’s showcase your built environment as a model for accessibility.

Thank you,

Rick Watters


RHFAC Accessibility Professional

289 200 9573

[email protected]