RHFAC Accessibility Certification

Cover page of RHFAC Assessment Guide (click for free download)How Accessible Is Your Environment?

Canadians struggle every day to access spaces like schools, libraries, community centres, and offices because of physical barriers to accessibility.

EnAble Wellness’ CEO, Rick Watters, is a Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC) Professional assessor; measuring accessibility in the places and spaces where people live, work, learn and play in Ontario.

An accessible built environment accommodates everyone – people with temporary or permanent disabilities, our aging population, parents with strollers.

Making our public spaces universally accessible unleashes our collective economic and social power creating a Canada we can all be proud of.

Progressive thinking is necessary for business with our aging population, the growing number of people with disabilities and new federal accessibility legislation. Businesses need to get ahead of the game, to anticipate this need or they will be faced with constant retrofits or even possible human rights complaints. RHFAC is one way of avoiding that. Businesses will also benefit economically.

Download for FREE:    https://enablewellness.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/RHFAC_Guide_to_Certification_May2018.pdf