EnAble Wellness promotes quality of life for people of all abilities through active living, wellness solutions, and barrier-free environments.  Our expertise includes:

  • Accessibility consulting and training;
  • Accessibility assessments of built environments;
  • Development of Adaptive products and services;
  • Development of inclusive programs and activities.

Enable Inclusion: Accessibility Consulting

Bringing end-users to the table

Get Inclusive with our Accessibility Consulting services. Whether you’re looking for an accessibility assessment of your physical environment or accessible customer service training for yourself or your team, we can provide you with the knowledge and skills to address the growing demand for accessibility and  inclusion in your community.

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Enable Building Services

  • Accessibility Assessment and Report on your built environment
  • Accessibility improvements to your environment
  • Environmental Testing
  • Mould Remediation and Water Damage repairs

Enable Website and Communication Services